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Geometry Dash Apk Full Version Free Download 2023

Geometry Dash Apk Full Version 2022

The Robtop games have one of the finest game series that has made its name in the category of arcade games. This gaming series is well-known because it is addicting in its game- yet it is so simple and feasible that one might not expect it from other competitors of it. The series that I’m referring to here right now is none other than ‘Geometry Dash Apk’.

It has made its name since its advent in the gaming community. The plot of the game is based on a character that players control and the object of the game is to make that character complete each level by avoiding the varied types of obstacles coming your way.

But, the game is not easy and simple as it sounds; because the players can only control the character’s movement just by clicking the mouse or tapping the screen of their phones and cannot control the speed at which the character is moving.

Besides the gameplay of geometry dash, one of the most fascinating features of the game is colorful and vibrant. Because the game-play is not the only thing players are more concerned about rather every single feature of the game plays its part in the equation.

Since the game is rhythm-based platform gaming, so, players can expect some good quality music alongside the game. Each level in the Geometry dash APK has music playing in the background and the objects which get in the way of the character and the movement of the character are synchronized and it gives an overall smooth gaming experience if played by an expert player.

The Geometry Dash has not only offered this in its main version of the game rather The Robtop has more to offer to its audience. The developers have also launched other versions of the game like; Geometry Dash lite, GD Meltdown, GD Sub-zero, and GD World.

All these versions alongside the main version of the game are worth playing and more interesting they are free to download and play.


  • The game has a lot of features that make this game the best game for time killing.
  • First of all, players can play a good game with 13 different levels.
  • Secondly, colorful mesmerizing backgrounds, vehicles, characters, and levels.
  • Thirdly, nice music to listen to.
  • And last but not the least, other different versions with many different and interesting levels.

Geometry Dash App Information

App NameGeometry Dash Apk
DeveloperRobTop Games
Requirements4.0 and up
UpdatedNovember 15, 2019
Geometry Dash – PLAY STORE 
Geometry Dash APK – SERVER 1
Geometry Dash APK – SERVER 2

How to Install Geometry Dash on Android?

Let’s get ahead around how easy it is to install this App.

  1. First, click the download button to download Geometry Dash Apk.
  2. Click the Apk file to install it on your android phone.
  3. Turn on the unknown sources in the security section.
  4. The procedure takes 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

How to Install Geometry Dash on PC?

Let’s see how easy it is to install this app on your personal computer.

  1. Remember Windows Operating system does not support APK.
  2. We need to download and install BlueStacks software.
  3. After installing BlueStacks successfully, go to the play store and search geometry dash.
  4. Simply install geometry dash Apk and enjoy.


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