Google street view 360

Google street view 360

Google street view 360 enables businesses to attain panoramic images of their set-up and convert them into a virtual tour using Google’s tour creator. The Google street view 360 is one of the most popular platforms to share 360 photographs, particularly for businesses and destinations.

Using Google street view 360 to create a virtual tour is straightforward and not too technical. Businesses can benefit from using Google street view features to promote their business in various ways. Brand awareness and higher website authority are two key beneficial outcomes from implementing Google street view 360. You will have the option of selecting panoramas that are published on Google street view 360 or use your own personalized 360 photographs.

Let’s take a further look at how to create a virtual tour for your business with Google street view 360. What are the steps and requirements that you need to note down when building the virtual tour? In this article, we have taken down what you need to know when using Google street view 360.

System requirements

To create a virtual tour you need to have access to Google’s tour creator. The Google street 360 view app is designed to provide the panoramic images for your virtual tour. These panoramic images have been uploaded by Google’s own content or contributors. The images are captured through street view cars and other devices all across the globe. Google’s tour creator is the process of ‘stitching’ the images together to become one single piece. The two systems work hand-in-hand to create the perfect virtual reality tour for your business.

In order to successfully follow through with the process to create a virtual tour, you will need to have compatible web browsers that work with Google’s tour creator. These include the latest version of Google Chrome, the past two versions of Firefox, and the past two versions of Safari. This is vital to have the application work smoothly on your device.

If you are planning to work with personalized photos from a 360 camera, there are specific cameras that work with Google’s virtual tour creator. The essential part of this is to have 360-degree photos that are smaller than 2MB and in jpg, jpeg, or png formats.

Several 360 cameras that are compatible with Google’s tour creator are Ricoh Theta S, Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta SC, LG 360 camera, Insta 360 one, Samsung Gear 360, etc.  However, for convenience, there are high-quality photographs already on Google’s street view 360 App that can be used on the tour creator.

Create a virtual tour with Google street view 360 and Tour creator

Using the Google tour creator, the process of implementing an immersive experience for the users becomes so much easier. Google street 360 view features can enable a business to demonstrate where a business is located and how its exterior looks like. However, using your own 360 images combined with the images from Google street view, you can really create a seamless virtual tour with the tour creator that shows off the interior of your business as well.

Before you begin the process, you must sign in to Tour Creator with your Google account. If you are new, sign up for a Google account to create a virtual tour that is beyond your expectations.  Just for your knowledge, all virtual tours that are made with Google’s virtual tour creator will be saved on the homepage. There is always an opportunity for you to edit or make adjustments to your tours by clicking on the cover photo of the virtual tours.

Once you are all signed in, click on “New tour.” Give your virtual tour creation a title, cover photo and quick description. These are all the little details to help you organize and differentiate your virtual tours within Google’s tour creator. Once you have done that, choose a category (e.g Arts, Architecture etc) and click on the “Create” button.

On the next page, there will be a button that displays “Add Scene.” This will be the first step to building your virtual reality tour. Once you hit the “Add Scene” button, Google Maps will come up on the screen to let you search for a specific location. In this case, you would be using scenes from Google street 360 view features. To create a virtual tour using your own images, click on the “Upload” tab. This feature will allow you to upload your own 360 images to the virtual tour.

Click on “Add Scene” again once you find something that you like. Choose a title for the scene and add any highlights. Write a quick description of the setting. Highlights can be key points of interest at the scene. Once you have completed highlighting the scene and adding features of your liking, click on “Add Scene” again and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the virtual tour. The final step will be to click on “Publish.” There will be options for you to make your tour available to the public or to keep it private and unlisted. There will be a link that will be given to you at the end to either share your creation online or have it embedded onto your website.

Google’s tour creator and Google street 360 view applications have made it easier for businesses to stand out in the virtual reality world. Businesses can display their virtual tours on websites like Poly. Users tend to browse for virtual tours on Poly. Furthermore, Google enables users to upload their virtual reality tours on their Expeditions app. These are great ways to see what people are creating.

In summary

Google street view 360 and the Google tour creator work well hand-in-hand to produce some of the best virtual reality tours out there. The process is straightforward and makes for a great marketing strategy to attract prospective customers to your business.

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