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How the Internet of Things Is Impacting Our Daily Lives?

A young mind’s dream of their new home is way different from the homes that have raised Baby boomers. Their homes are all likely to be connected with the Internet of Things (IoT). Millennials have a right to dream this, either of their home, a little hole, or a palatial one — depending on their personal success story — would be similar to that of Tony Parker’s in the American flick ‘Iron Man’ series, whom they so eulogize.

Right from quirky gadgets to wearable tech, the lives of 90 percent of Americans have already been affected by internet-based user devices. A study indicates it’s still on the rise, with 60 percent of respondents pointing on the dotted lines, indicating, gadgets, as well as wearable techs — like Tuxedo suites, will be as common and useful as smartphones in a short span of a decade or less.

And this is quite likely as last year, (1919), the declared dead ‘Iron Man’ in the movie had to make a comeback on popular demand for the fetish that the Americans have on emulating his style for everything close to the Internet of Things (IoT), that he so uses. Let’s go through how the Internet of things is affecting the daily life of many!

Scientists Akin to a revolutionary change

It has completely taken over everyday life and scientists are comparing the revolutionary change foreseen ahead as something more humongous than the Industrial Revolution.

Described as the network of physical objects or things that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies; it helps in connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet of Things (IoT). This is how some analysts talk about growing users with the (IoT).

Sales and other commodities see a sea change

A plethora of objects will be connected devising a new way to sell commodities of any kind. A change is already visible, a stark change from the door-to-door selling by vendors or customers visiting malls, as sales promoted connecting on the social media, using the internet, for purchases and receiving delivery of parcels at the doorstep.

The Internet of things closely related to our work

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now closely going to relate to our work — which it already has in the tyranny raised by the health emergencies of the pandemic COVID-19 — where work from home continues; thanks to the (IoT) techniques that saved survival of the many following it worldwide.

A closer reality is also likely to affect our homes, lives, and our cars. Several companies like Tesla, Philips, Panasonic, and Sharp are in the process of devising new techniques for home products and appliances based on (IoT) networking.

IoT indicates a radical change in environmental condition

The one major positive outcome of all of it is the reduced carbon emission that it is likely to create. And the current generation of Millennials is in dire need of this to follow, considering the threat on the environment that currently persists which can only be mitigated with the use of IoT.  Exciting innovations and improvisations with the IoT is likely to change our life ahead

What future might have in store for us?

Change in the mode of cars

Gone would be the days when cars would run only on oil. The machine geeks are going to transform the way cars are likely to be perceived.

A ‘smart car’ before the turn of the decade is going to reach out for its overhaul, indicating to the user that it needs an update on its various services due. For example, the tires, which are likely to go flat, or the windows that have been left turned down.

Or most likely, the smart cars will taxi it to the mechanic requesting for the annual tune-up that is likely to be due. Making a note on calendars and diaries for an overhaul is likely to lose its charm completely.

Revolution in health and medicine

Your sugar levels, pulse rate, and heartbeats are going to be monitored at a remote distance by your general physician, when once the (IoT) revolutionizes the health and medicine systems.

Doctors will receive an update automatically on their patient’s prescriptions about how often are patients taking their medicine on their various on-going health issues with them. Every aspect of health and medicine would be monitored remotely.

High energy consuming appliances

The high-energy consuming household appliances will have a complete makeover with lowered electrical bills. As machines would then run on dynamic price signals to lower your electric bill.

The various thermostats would tune in on increasing and decreasing the temperature, based on your habit and requirement, thereby taking care of your ideal existence free of worries much before you arrive home, keeping everything ready for work mode when home.
These fine-tuning and turn-offs automatically reduce wastes and costs.

Traffic jams and accidents driving will be thing of the past

Driving accidents and traffic jams would be a thing of the past as cars would then run automatically, without being accident-prone. That would make driving a lot safer. Traffic lights would then seek automatic adjustment on approaching vehicles with road sensors. And cars would reflect anything untoward communicating directly to car dashboards communicating through various buzzing alarms.

Your grocery list takes a redefinition

A similar change is likely to reflect on your refrigerators. They will do the talking of the food being neglected for long inside, without consumption. It will also reflect when your diet has not been complete with the required composite staples required for a healthy you.

The refrigerator increases its role indicating what commodities inside need to be replenished, either milk, eggs, fruits, or vegetables. Exciting indeed! It all seams

Monitoring your baby

At least you thought the Internet of Things was for all things inanimate, here’s to grooming your Babies with the IoT technology with a chip on their back, back home.

Through smartphones, parents would monitor not only their baby’s breathing, temperature or activity, but also that of their nannies instead of watching them on secret camera devices. In one word, your life would reap the benefits of connectivity.

Already enough has been introduced, with smartwatches and aviators, which keep a check on your health condition with the smart gadgets strapped on the wrists of most users. Here even cell phone devices also indicate the number of steps taken in a day to accelerate the heart.


The censors in these chips using the Internet of Things are going to take over completely. However, the challenges that are still pending and need to be focussed immediately are many and – security being at the top of the list.

How does technological advancement support the billions of network connections that are likely to manifest in this mammoth infrastructure? With the fingers crossed, it would soon catch-up to be a trending phenomenon as great as the use of the hashtag on every note shared for just about any practical purpose in daily life.

Soon enough, if all goes well, the phenomenon will be more than a trending hashtag – it will be one of the best and fastest ways of being in the world.

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