Live Streaming Commerce VS Traditional Online Shopping

Live Streaming Commerce VS Traditional Online Shopping

In This Blog, we are going to explain all about Live Streaming Commerce VS Traditional Online Shopping.

There was a time where our parents would turn on the TV sets to get some shopping done. It was a fascinating experience for everybody as it was the latest trend in the field of commerce at that time. Gradually, online shopping came up that gained so much popularity and success. This provided people with added freedom to shop from anywhere, any time.

Online shopping was hence considered to be the most effective form of shopping. But little did people know that something better was waiting for them.

It all started when the Chinese e-commerce platform Mogujie started experimenting with live video commerce. This experiment turned out to be successful as customers who viewed products in real-time were more likely to purchase those. This facilitated live video shopping and Moguige generated higher conversion rates. Live video commerce is an emerging trend that is a perfect blend of shopping and entertainment. As it is conducted on a real-time basis, it fosters engagement, relationship with customers, and improves a brand reputation.

What is Live Video Commerce?

Live video commerce is when a streaming video is sent over the Internet in real-time, without first being pre-recorded, and is in uneditable and raw form. Livestream shopping content is engaging as viewers can chat in real-time with hosts and click to buy products. With the emphasis more on entertainment, engagement, and celebrity value live video shopping offers a faster route to checkout.

How is Live Stream Shopping Different from Traditional Online Shopping

Live Commerce is Raw

If you see in traditional online shopping, product photos or videos are generally pre-shot or pre-recorded. On the other hand, when it comes to living streaming commerce, there are no pre-taped videos. The demonstration is conducted by the host on a real-time basis. This means live streaming offers raw, unedited, and authentic content.

Fosters Engagement

As there is a quotient of live interaction in live video shopping, the engagement levels are heightened. Audiences have their interests piqued during real-time sessions and hence they feel a stronger connection with a host, brand, and product.

Additionally marketing live streams over social media is one of the most crucial factors that keep audiences engaged even after a live stream has ended. Social media platforms also foster long-term relationships between live stream organizers and attendees and generate a community’s buzz for a brand.

Better product experience

Traditional online shopping comprises photos and videos of products and services. It also includes a written description that potential customers read to get a better understanding of a product. However, most of us do not prefer reading multiple paragraphs to learn about the specifications and working of a product.

This barrier is broken down by live-stream shopping wherein a host conducts product demonstrations and describes the functioning of that product engagingly and entertainingly. This offers viewers a better understanding of products and gives them the confidence to shop.

A host can also depict the major advantages of a product and its value-addition that can grab a buyer’s attention. Conducting Q&A sessions, trivia and polls can further make a session more fun which can be significantly useful in increasing sales conversions.

Real-time two-way communication

The real-time two-way communication in live commerce shopping facilitates transparency between buyers and sellers. This isn’t possible in traditional online shopping. Real-time engagement elements in live streaming commerce add an emotional connection to online shopping, which can increase loyalty towards a brand

Why Should You Opt for Live Commerce?

Live commerce is the present and future of eCommerce because it is authentic and engaging. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose live stream shopping for your E-commerce business:

  • It attracts your target audience with valuable content
  • It helps with faster sales conversions
  • It generates curiosity and a sense of realism
  • It improves the buyer’s experience
  • It increases the user’s dwell time on your website or app

Final Takeaway

Now that you have understood the meaning and importance of live streaming commerce, it is time to reap the benefits. If you are ready to inculcate live video shopping to your website and app, is happy to assist you.’s live streaming solution can work wonders for you. It can help in providing an in-store shopping experience to your viewers which can make their shopping journey informative as well as fun. Such a solution can bring your brand into the spotlight. So, don’t wait any further. Choose newer innovations like live commerce and bring your brand to enhanced levels of success and prosperity.

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