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Amazon Mini TV APP

Amazon has launched Amazon Mini TV APK on its online shopping application for Indian customers. Furthermore, it has completely loaded with a bundle of features. The mini TV streaming application is free and supports the ads. 

On the other hand, you can watch the videos on Amazon Mini TV APK without paying any subscription charges. However, to use Amazon Prime TV, you have to make the payment of the subscription charges. 

You want to explore the videos free then, Mini TV launched by Amazon is the best option for you. Start using the application to watch some of the best shows, movies, web series, and a lot more. 

Feature of Amazon mini TV 

Are you among those people looking for apps for free video streaming? Then, Amazon is back with a new and free app Amazon Mini TV to watch the latest videos free. People are not aware of the app and its features. Then, we have shared the features of Amazon Mini TV APK. 

  • The first and the most important feature of Amazon Mini TV is that it is a free application. It means that you don’t have to make any subscription payment free to watch the videos. Earlier, we use to do so on Amazon Prime TV.
  • There is no need to have extra space on your phone to have the Amazon Mini TV app. You want access to the app. Furthermore, you can get it from the Amazon shopping app. Therefore, download this shopping app to use the Mini TV. 
  • Watch the latest shows, movies, and web series anytime and anywhere using the Mini TV. 
  • Amazon has added the parental control option to restrict the videos, which are not suitable for children below 13 years of age. 
  • To access Mini TV, you don’t need to get a subscription to the Amazon Prime App. 

How to access Amazon mini TV APK?

Amazon Mini TV APK is not available for download on Google Playstore and App Store. You want to download this application on your device, then; you can get access from the Amazon Shopping App official.

Firstly, download the official Amazon Shopping App on your android device from the Google Playstore. On the other hand, the shopping app of Amazon is available on the App Store for Apple users. 

Furthermore, they can visit the App store and search for the Amazon Shopping App download it instantly. You will find access to use the Amazon Mini TV APK from the Amazon shopping app. 

How to download Amazon mini TV APP on Android Devices?

It is not rocket science to download the Amazon Mini TV on your Android device. You have to follow the steps listed below to access this free video application on your device. 

Follow the steps for downloading Amazon Mini TV APK on your Android phone.

  • The free video streaming application of Amazon, i.e., Mini TV, is not available to download on the Google Playstore and App Store. 
  • It is available only on the official shopping application of Amazon. 
  • You need to have Amazon’s shopping app on your phone. However, you don’t have the app on your phone. Then, first, go on the Google Playstore search for Amazon’s shopping app.
  • Download the shopping application on your Android device. 
  • It takes only a few minutes to download the app on your phone. Soon, the downloading process has completed. 
  • Open the Amazon shopping application on your phone. 
  • Search for the Amazon Mini TV on the app. 
  • You will get access to all the free video stuff on it by clicking on the Amazon Mini TV available on the Amazon shopping app. 


People with an active account on Amazon receive access to enjoy streaming videos free by using the Mini TV. It does not look like Amazon did not add an offline downloading video option in the Mini TV. The users who are using the app cannot download the videos now to watch them later.

It is a free app if the offline video watching feature is not available. Then, also, we cannot deny the essential benefit of using Amazon Mini TV because all new videos are available without paying any charges to watch them.

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Amazon Mini TV Apk
Amazon Mini TV 


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