What is configAPK on Android & How to Remove it?

What is configAPK?

APK packages can run through the built-in program known as ConfigAPK. The APK package has been specially designed according to the android mobiles. Through this article, we will try to explain functions about how does the configAPK works. We will share a list of recommendations and tips that is useful to improve the device performance accordingly. 

What is ConfigAPK is all about?

The file that runs in the background of the android system is ConfigAPK. A software or file does the work of installing or uninstalling the APKs in android devices. 

It is a small application that takes only 1MB of the space in the mobile phone. You can find this application on all the latest android mobile phones. Therefore, you can estimate that millions of android devices have ConfigAPK in them. 

No official statement has been released regarding any battery drain and app bug issue related to ConfigAPK. Some people have claimed regarding it. These are some rare cases, and no official things revealed about it. 

What are the lists of permission required to run Config APK properly?

There are no as such permissions required for running ConfigAPK on your phone. You have this app on your android device then, you can check the app settings if you face some issues regarding its functioning. Look at permission options, too, when you are checking the app settings of ConfigAPK. 

Is it safe to use ConfigAPK?

We are sure that ConfigAPK does not contain any malware or virus it. You may start thinking that this application is not safe to use. It drains your mobile battery, or some weird messages have shown in it. However, it could happen due to any malware attack on your device. 

Is it recommendable to uninstall ConfigAPK?

You should know that ConfigAPK is an internal app present on your android device. Some users want to uninstall it because they may face issues related to this app. It is advisable not to uninstall this app, as it is among the useful apps available. Still, you want to delete it. Then, here are the two ways for removing ConfigAPK. 

1st Method: System App Remover

  1. Using the first method, you have to install the System App Remover on your phone. 
  2. The installation process has completed then, launch the System App Remover on the phone. 
  3. The next step is to find the ConfigAPK in the System App Remover. 
  4. Please select it and then uninstall ConfigAPK. 

2nd Method: Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

  1. Go to the settings option in your phone then, check out your phone system.
  2. You have to keep tapping the build number until the Developer options activate in your phone. 
  3. Tab on the Developer Options available in the main settings. 
  4. In your android device, start the USB debugging. 
  5. Complete the downloading process of ADB. 
  6. Extract the zip file from it of your choice. 
  7. Open the folder after the completion of the extraction process. 
  8. Press the shift button and hold it along with the right click taking it to the blank area. 
  9. Then, enter the command of the ADB device. 
  10. Use the data cable for connecting the PC with the android device. 
  11. Run the command to install ConfigAPK from your phone. 

What can you do to reduce battery consumption while using ConfigAPK?

There is no reason behind the 20Kb application ConfigAPK’s massive battery consumption. It can happen because of other issues with the phones. This app is running in the phone’s background. Then, you can check regarding the battery issue.

If you want to cut down the battery consumption while using ConfigAPK, then better scan your phone. You will be able to find about the cache files or some unused apps on the phone. Furthermore, you can decide to stop the functioning of the unused apps. 


Can I remove ConfigAPK from my phone?

No, ConfigAPK is a system app. Therefore, you should not remove it from your android phone. It could make your device unusable. You do not have any strong reason for removing the system apps. Do not remove them. 

Is ConfigAPK is a malware?

ConfigAPK is a safe application available in the system of your phone. Your phone may have some malware from it; do check it using the scanner. 

Does app disabling create free space in the android phone?

Disabling is one way to save space on your android device. Therefore, you have some unused app available on your phone then, disable it. The force stop option will do nothing removing the cache files from the app. 

Are all APK files are legal to download?

The APK files are legal, and it is safe to download them on your phone. Google has developed the APK file format. The third party can also generate the APK files for downloading purposes. 

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