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NieR Reincarnation Apk Free Download 2023

NieR Reincarnation Apk Game Play

Applibot has created a role-playing video game for iOS and Android users known as NieR Reincarnation Apk. The game is set in a realm. Furthermore, the person who plays this game gets the role of a girl. During the game, the girl receives guidance from the ghost-like being. The game is available for the players in the three parts to play.

It includes the girl exploring different sides of the cage, gaining experiences, and fighting with enemies—the latest 3D graphics used by developers to engage the players who are playing NeiR Reincarnation Apk. Enjoy and take the real-life experiences while playing the game. See the two different sides of the world—the efforts of a young girl who wants to know about her past things. 

NieR Reincarnation Apk Features

NeiR Reincarnation is one of the most popular role-playing games launched in 2021. You will find a completely new environment while playing the NieR Reincarnation Apk game.

On the other hand, it is the tale of a girl who lost all her memories. Now, she is on her way to explore things. The game is loaded with many exciting features to attract people to play the game.

  • Use of 3D graphics to give real-life experience: 3D graphics have used appropriately by the developers to provide a real-life experience to the people who are playing the game. You will use the powers and winning the battles. Furthermore, you will realize two different sides in the game showing a girl’s life exploring the past things that she has forgotten completely. 
  • Unique skills of characters: The characters included in this game have memorable characters. You will see things when you will start playing NieR Reincarnation Apk
  • Face various battles: The game is the story of a girl who is on a journey to explore her past life. During that phase, you can face struggles and fight with enemies, then move on.  
  • Explore the second phase: You will see experience two stages of battle exploration and world system while playing the NeiR Reincarnation game. In the game, you will realize that the two phases are entirely different.  
  • Enjoy a super exciting game: NieR Reincarnation Apk comes with super exciting things that you will like while playing the game. It is a unique game in comparison with the other games that had played in the past. 
  • Deadly Weapons Use: The players have to use lethal weapons to survive in the game. 
  • Face challenges: Many challenges are waiting for you as you progress in the game. You can master these challenges of the NieR Reincarnation game. Then, you will reach the end and become a winner. 

NieR Reincarnation APP Information

App NameNieR Reincarnation
DeveloperSQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
RequirementsVaries with device
May 20, 2021
NieR Reincarnation Apk
NieR Reincarnation APP

How To Download NieR Reincarnation Apk on Android?

You are getting the complete anti banning feature in the NeiR Reincarnation Apk. You do not need to worry about the account ban issue. The Neil Reincarnation is available on Playstore in the role-playing category.

Follow the steps to download the game carefully. Then, you can easily download the latest version of Neil Reincarnation on your android device. 

  1. Go to Google Playstore and search for the NieR Reincarnation game.
  2. Then, you can download the game by clicking on the install button. 
  3. The install process will start. 
  4. Neil Reincarnation Apk will download on your android device within few seconds. 

How To Play NieR Reincarnation Game on PC?

You want to play the Neil Reincarnation Apk. Therefore, you have to download the game on your PC. Follow these steps for downloading the game. 

  1. Firstly, you have to download the MEmu installer and complete the setup process. 
  2. Open Google Playstore from MEmu. 
  3. Search for NeiR Reincarnation Apk in the search bar available on Google Playstore. 
  4. Find the game from there and download it on your PC. 
  5. You can click on the play the game option available once the downloading process of NeiR Reincarnation Apk is completed. 

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Is NieR reincarnation free?

Yes, you can download NieR reincarnation free. 

Is NieR reincarnation a sequel?

No, the NeiR Reincarnation Apk game is not a sequel. It is a new role-playing game. 

Who is the girl in Nier reincarnation?

The name of the white girl in the game is Rika Naga in the NeiR Reincarnation Apk

How many endings do Nier automata have?

There are 26 endings in Nier automata. 

Is NieR reincarnation in English?

The game NeiR Reincarnation Apk is available in English. 


NeiR Reincarnation is becoming one of the popular online games in the role-playing category. You can take the chance of playing the game and helping a girl to find her past life things. Face the challenges, defeat your enemies and then win the game successfully.

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