WhatsApp Plus APK For Android | PC | IOS

WhatsApp Plus APK For Android | PC | IOS

WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK is a similar app just like WhatsApp but it is come up with more opportunities of itself for giving you surety for a better chat experience.

So it is a modded version of WhatsApp.they give you some other additional features which are not in WhatsApp that you are using. It is more connected to people also.

WhatsApp Plus APK Old Version Download

WhatsApp Plus APK is just like WhatsApp that we are using but it is come up with more features to connect with you. and it is very useful which you must have to try at least once. this was introduced in 2012 in the world market. from then to now developers updated their many versions of WhatsApp to us. because we already know that fact that now in our daily life WhatsApp is a very important part.

We are doing our daily routine with this app. It has also grown popular over the past few years. and we can say that this is the most demanded massaging app nowadays. so WhatsApp come up with WhatsApp plus with additional new features like end-to-end encryption, better photo quality, voice messages without internet connection, GIF support for animated images, video calls, etc.

So that is also a reason to try this once at least where you will never disappoint. also, give you so many reasons to switch your current app to this Whatsapp plus. And you love to enjoy this because of its quality and feature. and you can easily connect and interact with this app and also forget your old massaging apps.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

Whatsapp plus comes with so many new features. Which tries to add more interest in this app. And you won’t be able to stop yourself from using it.

  • You can easily change font colors and images in this app.
  • For privacy, you can hide your profile from People you don’t want to see your profile picture.
  • You can also disable your voice calls.
  • You can add more than 4 accounts in this app because of multiple account support.
  • You can also get clear image quality.
  • You can ‘undelete’ your previously sent messages.
  • You can also change themes if you want to change them with lots of effects.
  • You can customize your profile picture cover picture and status also.
  • You can also get notifications from any friends who are using WhatsApp plus like you.
  • Just like regular WhatsApp, you get a voice massage option but here you get a camera icon instead of a voice record.
  • The size of this app is just 50MB.
  • It is not a paid app where you have to invest your money it is totally free-of-cost app that you can easily get from www.APKbazar.com
  • It is a must-try app and you will enjoy it a lot because of there fantastic features.
  • So don’t wait for the right time because this is the right time to get this app so just go and get this app from www.APKbazar.com

How To Download WhatsApp Plus APK on Android Device?

  1. You can download this app from the www.APKbazar.com
  2. You don’t have to pay any money for this app because it is a free-of-cost app you can easily download.
  3. It is not on the google play store you have to download this app from www.APKbazar.com
  4. The process is so simple for installation.
  5. If you want a complete backup of your chat you just have to go to Settings– Chats– Backup.
  6. Once your installation procedure was complete then you have to do an automatic procedure enter your mobile number and verify it via OTP code.
  7. Then you have to add your name, and phone number then you can use this app.
  8. Now you are ready to experience this wonderful app on your android device.

How To Download WhatsApp Plus APK On PC?

  1. First of all, for the downloading procedure, you have to install any Android emulator from www.APKbazar.com.
  2. Then select the app click on the install button then wait for the installation process.
  3. Same as android you have to follow the same procedure that you have to add your phone number.
  4. After all of this process, your WhatsApp plus is ready to be connected to your PC.
  5. Now you are able to use your WhatsApp plus.
  6. So this is the process of installing WhatsApp plus on a PC where you can connect and enjoy the new feature they are given you.
  7. It is a better option for regular WhatsApp users.
  8. So download this app and enjoy.


Whatsapp plus is way better than the normal Whatsapp you are using. this WhatsApp Plus APK gives you so many features which give you that experience that you didn’t feel in WhatsApp.

This Whatsapp plus is come up with so many new features like- easy download images, 3D images download, clear picture quality, voice calls, and many more features that attract you when you download this WhatsApp Plus APK.

It is a good alternative to regular WhatsApp.this app gives you the privacy factor of hiding your profile from unknowns. and also give you voice calls clearance.

You can follow your daily routine with this app so don’t wait to just install this app and enjoy its features. It is very useful for everyone as a good alternative to another messaging app.

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
WhatsApp LLC
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
Requirements4.1 and Up
Update12 Sept 2022
WhatsApp Plus APK v17.50
WhatsApp Plus APK – SERVER 1
WhatsApp Plus APK – SERVER 2


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