Crunchyroll APK Free Download For Android | PC | IOS 2023

Crunchyroll APK Free Download For Android | PC | IOS 2023

Download Crunchyroll APK

Crunchyroll APK is just like the official version application. The only difference is in the features of both. The APK focuses more on uploading the content of the Southeast Asian side. Although it also uploads other anime content. It allows people to stream and download anime and manga episodes for free.

People of Japan and other nations just love the platform for the services it provides. Entertainment is necessary to relieve stress, and that’s why the APK is becoming more famous day by day. Thinking about whether you should download it or not? Well, know everything about it first, as it may help you decide on downloading.

Features of the Crunchyroll APK

Crunchyroll APK offers you many things, so let’s discuss all of those:

  • Ad-free

Don’t you find ads annoying? Most applications aren’t ad-free, and those ads just ruin our mood.

It’s a significant issue, and that’s the best thing in Crunchyroll APK. It’s ad free; you can watch anything without getting disturbed by them.

  • Multi-platform

Often people face issues in using the applications on their devices. For instance – some apps aren’t available on iOS devices, whereas there are also some applications that you can’t use on android. Doesn’t it feel irritating? It may, but don’t worry because you can use this on all devices, including androids, iOS devices, windows, etc.

  • Quality

Quality matters when it comes to watching series or any videos. It is believed that quality doesn’t exist with free things. But let me tell you that it isn’t always true because Crunchyroll APK provides you with videos with HD quality.

  • Offline

Many people don’t have access to the internet 24*7. But this doesn’t mean they can’t watch their favorite anime and manga episodes on the APK. Wondering how is this possible? Well, the APK permits the users to download the episodes so that they can watch them later.

When you open it, you’ll see my list option at the base of the display. Once you click on it, you’ll be displayed with three options – watchlist, history, and offline.

You can move to the offline section to view all your downloaded episodes.

  • History

Sometimes we become curious to know what we have watched previously for many reasons. Well, that’s why the developers of the APK provide you with the history option. Here all your previously watched content will appear.

  • Explore

The application consists of a genre feature specially added for the audience who love to watch the content of varied categories.

For exploring, you can move to the browse section. Select the genre you watch to watch the content of, and then start watching whichever anime you like. Action, adventure, comedy and all other categories are available in the APK, so you have many options.

  • Latest content

The latest episodes are something that attracts almost all people. So the APK team tries their best to keep the platform’s library updated.

On the homepage, you can find the latest episodes. All recently added content will appear in this section.

There are separate sections for both anime and manga content. You can move to your favourite and stream/download whichever episode you wish.

Most importantly, Japanese content is always updated just after one hour of release, so if you are fond of that content, you can download the platform.

  • News

News about favourite manga and anime is something that no one wants to miss. To make our work easy, the APK is providing all the latest news regarding anime and manga. Now, there is no probability of missing anything. Isn’t it great?

  • Resource base

The APK has a great resource base; it has uploaded 25,000+ episodes of anime and manga on its platform.

It makes the content of different genres available so all users can enjoy it.

  • Interface

The APK has a great interface, and that’s what helps users in using the application properly. All the sections added to it are just incredible; their name clearly states what we can expect under those.

Finding any episode, streaming, or downloading it is also easy. No need to put any extra effort into doing anything.

  • Safe

Safety is the major concern when it comes to downloading any third-party application. And it’s fair to think twice before getting any XYZ application because privacy is something no one can compromise with.

The developers of the APK claim it to be safe. Even many users are finding it safe and amazing to use. So you can download it without worrying.

Download Crunchyroll APK on Android

Here’re the steps-

  1. Enable unknown sources

Overlook if you already have enabled the unknown sources feature on your device or not. If not, enable it-

  • Move to settings > security/applications > activate the unknown sources option.
  1. Download the Crunchyroll APK.
  • Open any browser and type “Crunchyroll APK.”
  • Download it from wherever you wish and feel safe.
  1. Install
  • Head on to the fikes app > download section > find the APK version of Crunchyroll > hit it to download.

That’s it.

Download Crunchyroll APK on PC

  1. Android emulator software.

Download any android emulator software first.

  1. Now, download the Crunchyroll APK.
  • Go to google and hunt for “Crunchyroll APK.”
  • Download it from any reliable website.
  1. Drag the download Crunchyroll APK file into the emulator and wait for its installation.

Download Crunchyroll APK on IOS

Here’s your guide for iOS:

  1. Enable special app access

Looking for the steps to enable it? Here’re they-

  • Turn to the settings of your device. From there, turn on the special app access.
  1. Download the Crunchyroll APK.
  • Move to whichever browser you use and then search for “Crunchyroll APK” or “Crunchyroll APK download.”
  • Download it from any website you wish but make sure it’s reliable.
  1. Install

Now, install the Crunchyroll APK.


I’ve covered all the information regarding the Crunchyroll APK. It is one of the most loved platforms for watching anime and manga content. You can also try this if you are fond of watching anime and some Japanese dramas.

You need to pay a considerable amount for the original application to get all the features. So instead of downloading that, you can get all the premium features on the APK without paying any penny. I think it’s fair enough to download it. Don’t you feel the same?


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