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Media Lounge MOD APK For Android | PC

Download Media Lounge MOD APK

Want to watch live TV for free download Media Lounge MOD APK which is a game-changer app when it comes to streaming live TV and movies for free. It has a huge number of users, it has gained popularity in a very short period of time because o the amazing features which it possesses.

It is used by users worldwide. It provides you to watch live TV from all over the world and also contains a great collection of movies and TV shows. It also provides users with a wide variety of options so that any user can access the application easily. This app was mainly developed focusing on the Android Operating System.

This app is a multi-purpose video streaming application. by using it you can receive the opportunity to watch movies and TV shows and all other live content free of cost without paying a single penny. You don’t require to subscribe to any costly streaming platforms like Netflix & Amazon Prime.

But you have to remember that these free streaming platforms cannot provide the same quality of customer support service. It can be downloaded on various android devices. You can watch your preferences whenever and wherever you want.

You will get everything at your fingertips. It doesn’t require any geographical location all you need a proper data connection and a mobile device to watch movies with the help of this app. It will provide HD quality video streaming and also can set the resolution quality of the video streaming.

It also offers the download option of movies and series which are available in the app. Like the old days, you are not required to have a television to watch movies and series. All you need an Android mobile device and required to download the Mobile Lounge app in it.

Features Media Lounge MOD APK

  • You can select any genre which you would like to watch and you can also search for movies and shows on the search panel of the app.
  • You can request the app creators to add channels.
  • It is free of cost no subscription is necessary
  • More than 100 + channels are available.
  • A great collection of movies.
  • It also provides an adult section.
  • Sensitivity sections required passwords to access which you can receive after requesting the creators.
  • Also contains a cast feature
  • Customer support services are also provided.

How to Download Media lounge MOD APK on Android?

  1. Click on the download button above to start the downloading process of the application.
  2. Next, when you reached the downloading link you are just required to click on the link for starting the download procedure.
  3. For downloading and installing it in your device by the above procedures you are required to make some changes in your settings, therefore, you have to go to the Settings Menu.
  4. Go to Settings> Security Settings> Unknown Sources and then click on it to enable it to allow the installation procedure.
  5. Then proceed to your device File manager/ My Files, next go to Downloads> Media Lounge MOD APK click on it.

How to install Media Lounge MOD APK on Firestick?

  1. First, you have to hover over the Search icon from the home screen, which is located on the top of the left corner of your screen. Click on it for searching.
  2. Now you are required to enter typing “Media Lounge MOD APK” on the search panel, then you have to scroll down and required to click on the search result of the Media Lounge MOD when it appears.
  3. Next, you have to click on the Media Lounge MOD APK icon on the following window once it appears on it.
  4. The next step is, you have to click on the Get option if you are installing the application for the first time or you can click on the Download option if you have previously installed the application on your device.
  5. Now you are only required to wait for the application to download. After it completes downloading then you can easily install it, this procedure takes some time.
  6. Now after successfully installing it, go and open the application and use it well. Watch movies and TV shows for free.
Media Lounge 4.0.3 MOD APK
Media Lounge 4.0.2 MOD APK


This article provides you all the information about the Media Lounge MOD APK, about its features, and how to download and install it on your Android device, firestick. Hopefully, this article might help you to understand about the Media Lounge MOD APK.

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