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Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK | 1.16.221 | 1.19.22 Free Download

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Many people love to play Minecraft game on the computer, but some users want to play it on their smartphones. Unfortunately, previously the APK was not supported by mobiles. But now, the developers have developed a pocket version of Minecraft so that users can easily play on smartphones. Now with the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK, players can create 3D structures, buildings and many more things in the game with their smartphone.

In this game, you first need to search for food to survive. You can move to the forest to find fruits or something else to eat. This is how the Minecraft game works.

The latest version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK is v1.19.20.02, and it is 104MB.

Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK

Here are the features-

  • Two modes

You will be given two modes in the game: survival and creativity. Not provides you with a different and unique experience.

  • Survival mode

Here, you must protect your life from all the dangers in the game. You might also be confronted by zombies at night. These zombies are ready to do anything to kill you and eat your flesh. So in survival mode, you have to protect your life.

  • Creative mode

This mode is kind of totally different from the survival mode. Here, you don’t need to protect your life. You can show your creative skills in this mode by constructing different buildings, towns, etc.

  • Offline world

You are permitted to create your offline world in Minecraft. You are provided with two options: make your own map or randomly generate the maps.

  • Customize the game

Want to change different things in the game according to your liking? You can easily do that because the game allows you to change various things.

Use the slash commands feature in the game and customize your game.

  • Craft

The crafting feature of the game lets you create different kinds of things. These things include farming, weapons, hunting, etc.

You can even construct stuff with the help of collected materials in the game.

  • Modes

There are four online modes which help you to enjoy the game properly-

  • Multiplayer

You can enjoy the game with other players as it permits them to play with four other players on a single map.

  • Realms

Don’t want to play with anyone and need some privacy? This mode is for you. These are private servers hosted by Mojang. Here you can play with almost 10 of your friends.

  • Servers

This mode allows you to interact with players from all over the game.

  • Marketplace

You can find every stuff in the marketplace like skins, items, map customizations, etc.

  • Free

Despite the game’s amazing features, it doesn’t even charge a single penny for letting people play.

  • Graphics

The graphics of the game are amazing. Users can have a great experience with these 3D graphics of the game.

The 3D graphics are so colourful that they attract a lot of players. They look so real that sometimes players don’t feel they are playing a game.

  • Sound

The game’s music makes the players feel that they are actually caught inside the game’s massive world.

  • Explore villages

Players are allowed to explore and revamp villages in the APK.

How to Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK on Android?

Just follow the guide to download the pocket edition mod APK-

  • Enable unknown sources. 

Move to the following spots on your mobile one after one-

Settings > security/applications > enable unknown sources.

  • Download the edition mod APK from any website.

Google > search for Minecraft pocket edition mod > download from any reliable source.

  • Install the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK.

How to Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK on PC?

Following are the steps to download pandora-

  1. Download an android emulator software on your PC and then download the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK.
  2. Drag it into the emulator and Hold up till it installs.

How to Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK on iOS?

Here’s the guide-

  • Enable “Special app access” from the settings, and then Download the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APP file from any website that you find reliable.
  • Select the file from file explorer and Grant the permissions requested to download the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APP.
  • Install it.


Many people are Minecraft game lovers, but they could not play it on their smartphones. But after introducing the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK, they can use smartphones to play the game. Everything in the pocket edition is just like the Minecraft game; the only difference is that the original game can’t be played on a smartphone.

Minecraft Pocket Edition APP Information

App NameMinecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
Requirements5.0 and Up
Update15 August 2022
CategoryAction & Adventure
Minecraft – PLAY STORE
Minecraft PE Mod APK – SERVER 1
Minecraft PE Mod APK – SERVER 2


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