NBA 2K17 Apk Download For Android | PC | IOS

NBA 2K17 Apk Download For Android | PC | IOS

NBA 2K17 Apk Latest Version

Many people are fond of playing basketball; some are video game lovers. So they want to play basketball video game. Understanding the need of players, visual concepts developed an online basketball game – NBA 2K17 Apk. Later it was marketed by 2k sports.

The 2k17 is the latest version of the game that is compatible with both android and iOS. You just need 14.6MB to download the game.

Now let’s discuss some more details about the NBA 2K17 Apk.

In short, the NBA 2K17 Apk is a basketball video game that is far better than the previous versions. If you’ve liked the previous ones, chances are high that you will like this version too.

Features of NBA 2K17 Apk

  • Modes

The game has several gaming modes. It also has the modes of previous versions, and some new modes are added to the game. Some of the modes are-

My career mode

Here, you can create a customized player mode and can progress in your career.

MyGM and MyLeague

These modes offer franchises where players are permitted to look over an organization.


This mode allows gamers to make different teams and fight against their enemies.

  • Licensed songs

The game has approximately 50 licensed songs, which is a great deal. In this version of the APK, the soundtrack system is enhanced. You can have a better experience than you had in the previous versions.

  • Gameplay

This basketball game APK represents the National Basketball Association, where rules and regulations are the same as real-life game tournaments.

Players can participate in the games and tournaments with other players in the game.

To enhance the player’s experience, the developers have introduced various modes. Players can also customize the game to an extent convenient for them.

To make the game more life, the developers have also created some real-life aspects, including commentary, crowd animation, halftime, lighting, etc.

  • Cards

Cards in the game are used to unlock higher-level characters. Playbooks and other things can also be unlocked by using these cards.

Four types of cards can be found in the game – sapphire, emerald, ruby, and pink diamond.

These can be collected in the game to unlock something. And if you don’t want to collect them, you can buy the cards.

  • Team

Players can create teams in the MyTeam mode to fight against their rivals.

Here, players can choose everything like the team, jerseys, coach, and other things related to the game.

Tournament-style games can also be played in MyTeam mode.

  • League expansion

Developers of the APK have focused more on expansion. Players can play in 36 teams according to their liking. Even they can modify some aspects of the teams.

This league expansion is similar to the real-life expansion in the basketball game.

Players can choose their jerseys and logos. With this, they can also select players who can participate in the expanded league.

How to Download NBA 2K17 Apk on Android?

Just follow the guide to download the basketball video game APK-

  • Enable unknown sources.

Move to the following features on your mobile one after one

Settings > security/applications > enable unknown sources.

  • Download the NBA 2K17 from our website.

Steps are:

Google > Search for NBA 2K17> download it.

  • Install it.

How to Download NBA 2K17 Apk on PC?

Following are the steps to download pandora:

  1. Download an android emulator software on your PC and then download the NBA 2K17 Apk.
  2. Drag it into the emulator and Hold up till the basketball video game installs.

How to Download NBA 2K17 Apk on IOS?

Here’s the Guide:

  1. Enable “Special app access” from the settings, and then Download the NBA 2K17 Apk file from any website you find reliable.
  2. Select the file from file explorer and Grant the permissions requested to download this basketball video game APK.
  3. Install it.


NBA 2K17 Apk is a basketball video game many people love to play. It’s free to download and easy to play. It provides its users with various modes that attract many basketball players. Everything in this video game is like a real-life basketball game. So if you are fond of basketball, you can try playing this video game.

NBA 2K17 App Information

App NameNBA 2K17
2K, Inc.
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
Requirements8.0 and Up
Update19 July 2022


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