Simontok APK 2023 | 2022 | 2021 Jalan Tikus Terbaru | Versi Lama

Simontok APK 2023 | 2022 | 2021 Jalan Tikus Terbaru | Versi Lama

Fond of watching hot videos and looking for a platform where you can find all the videos from different platforms? Your search ends here. I’ll tell you about an Apk that uploads all hot videos from various platforms. After Downloading the Apk, you don’t need to visit various websites to find your favorite videos. Curious to know about the name of the Apk? Here it is – Simontok APK. Now, let’s know about the

Download Simontok APK

It is an Apk that allows users to Download and stream hot videos for free. You can enjoy the amazing features of the Apk by Downloading it.

Note- Simontok APK is only for individuals above 18+ because it has some romantic videos.

How can you use the Simontok APK?

Facing any problems in using the Simontok APK or new to the platform? Don’t worry; here is your guide:

  • Open the apk, and there you’ll find all the latest videos and movies.
  • Select the video/movie you want to watch.
  • Hit on “play”, and then you can stream the video easily.

Want to Download the videos from Simontok APK?

Here’s how you can:

  • When you play a video below that video frame, the Downloading option is given.
  • Tap on it and then choose the quality you want to Download the video in.
  • It will get Downloaded in just some time.

Features of the Simontok APK

This video streaming and Downloading apk has various features-


Here, a variety of videos are available that you can watch and stream as well. There are many platforms that either allow you to Download or stream. But you are lucky that you have the option of Simontok APK. It provides both the option – stream and Download.

With videos, you also have the option of Downloading and streaming music and movies.

It is one of those platforms that many people always wish to use. Access to a lot of movies, videos, and music.

Downloading steps are simple; you can Download the videos directly in your gallery.


The interface of the Simontok APK is designed in such a way that no one faces any problem while using it.

Video streaming

This apk permits the users to Download videos from various platforms. It also has an inbuilt video streaming service. This service allows the users to stream videos without opening youtube or any other platform.

Don’t you want to watch videos from every platform in one place? Yes? This is why the developers also added inbuilt video streaming services within the apk.

You can also Download videos freely.

Cache browsing

  • You can find the saved files in their particular category for easy access on your device.
  • Sometimes, users Download many videos and then face problems finding them.
  • But this feature of the apk makes it easy to find all the saved videos.


  • There are many websites that only put the content and don’t update that. But don’t consider Simontok APK in those.
  • The Apk’s library is updated properly to provide users with the latest content and fresh videos.
  • You can easily look for the updated content in the Apk’s library.
  • Downloading speed
  • The download speed provided by the Simontok APP is great. You can easily Download high-quality videos at a proper speed.

Note: it also depends on your internet connection speed.


I know I’ve been telling you that the apk is great for streaming and Downloading videos. But let me tell you one more thing – the apk is also one of the best platforms for Downloading or listening to music.

You don’t need to head to any other app for music because the app has a huge library of songs.

You can directly Download the music to your device.


The app charges no money to let people Download and stream videos.

HD videos and no buffering

You can watch pure HD quality videos on the Apk. And with this, the Simontok APP doesn’t bother its users with buffering.

You also won’t see any ads while you are streaming, so you can easily enjoy the platform fully.

How to Download Simontok APK on Android?

Just follow the guide to Download the Simontok APK:

  1. Enable unknown sources by moving to the settings > security/applications > enable unknown sources.
  2. Download the Simontok APK file from wherever you want.
  3. Install simontok by tapping on the Downloaded file.

How to Download Simontok APK on PC?

Following are the steps to Download-

  1. Download an android emulator software on your PC as it is necessary to Download an apk.
  2. Download the Simontok APP and then drag it into the emulator.
  3. Let it install.

How to Download Simontok APK on IOS?

Here’s the guide:

  1. Enable “Special app access” from the settings of your iOS device.
  2. Download the Simontok APK file from any website that you find reliable.
  3. Select the Downloaded Simontok APP by heading to your file explorer.
  4. Grant the permissions required and install Simontok APK.


Many people who look for romantic videos from all websites on one platform can use the Simontok APK. It also allows users to Download the videos available here. It’s easy to Download and use.

App NameSimontok APP
SizeVaries With Device
VersionVaries With Device
RequirementsVaries With Device


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