Freeflix TV APK Latest Version 2023 For Android | Android TV | FireStickx

Freeflix TV APK Latest Version 2023 For FireStick | Android TV | Android

Download FreeFlix TV APK 

Are you fond of watching movies, web shows, and various channels? Want to get all these things on a single platform? Freeflix TV APK is here for you. Here you can watch all the entertaining content for free.

The latest version’s app size of this apk is 19.1 MB. The android version for downloading this should be Android 5.0+. And more than 10 Million people have downloaded this apk.

Is the Freeflix TV APP safe to use?

Well, this is the question that hits the mind of almost every user. Let me answer it first- yes, it is claimed using Freeflix TV APK is safe to use. But still, you should think at least twice before downloading and using the platform because sometimes, apk file contains viruses.

Pros and Cons of having FreeFlix APP on your device


  • The Freeflix TV APK’s downloading speed is faster when compared to play store apps.
  • The apk file will be stored in your mobile’s or SD card memory, making it possible to uninstall and reinstall it whenever you want.


  • You need to download the Freeflix apk from any third-party website. So there is no reliability in the safety of the website you are downloading the apk from.
  • The Freeflix TV APK won’t update automatically because it is not associated with the google play store.
  • The Freeflix apk file might contain viruses that can interfere with your data.

Features of Freeflix TV

The Freeflix TV APK provides its users with n number of benefits. Here are all the features-

  • Quality

Usually, quality content is directly related to money. People think that if they are consuming quality content, they need to pay for it.

But this apk proves this perception wrong. It provides quality content for free.

  • Live Streaming

Many people just love live streaming, but they don’t get the chance to stream live because of many reasons. If you are also a fan of live streaming, you can download this apk. It lets its users stream live on its platform.

  • Lightweight

The apk doesn’t take up much space on your device. You can easily download it if you have a bit of space left.

Many OTT platforms and other apk take up a lot of space on the device.

Due to its lightweight, users have a great experience while using the application. It doesn’t load much on your device, and with this, it consumes very fewer data.

  • User-friendly interface

People often face problems finding any show, movie or particular channel. This happens because the user interface of those platforms is not simple.

But when it comes to this fantastic apk, it takes care of all this stuff. Here you can easily find your movies, shows, and channels.

A little tour of the apk is also given to the user for the first time. It is done so that users won’t face any issues while using the application.

  • Channels

Often, people stream on various channels. There is no single channel where people spend all their time. But when we go for most of the apks and OTT platforms, they only show data from a single channel.

But Freeflix TV APK is different from all these platforms. Here a variety of channels is available (50+ channels), so you can stream on any channel you like.

  • Exclusive movies

People have a craze for viewing the latest movies and web shows. They always want to watch all this content before anyone else does. But the problem arises when they can’t find the latest content on the platform they use.

Have you used any such platform and now are tired of watching old content? Don’t worry..! Freeflix TV APK is there for you. You can stream and download all the latest and exclusive content from its platform.

You can also find anime content on this platform. If you are a fan of anime content, you don’t need to use any other platform because the Freeflix TV APK offers everything.

  • Chromecast support

Another feature of this apk is that it has Chromecast support. You can watch your favorite content even on TV with the help of Chromecast support.

  • Simple to use

Most people are familiar with Netflix. The apk has the same interface as Netflix has.

It gives you access to millions of shows and movies for free.

  • Consumes Less Data

Streaming and downloading movies and shows consume a considerable amount of data. If you don’t have wi-fi, watching anything of high quality becomes difficult.

But this apk solves the data problem. Here you can view high-quality content easily because it consumes less data.

  • Download

You can download any movie and show from here. After downloading, you can watch the content from the “downloads” section.

How to Download FreeFlix TV APK on Android?

Just follow the guide to download the freeflix apk:

1: Enable unknown sources

You can do this by following these steps one by one:

  1. Go to the settings, and hit the security or applications option ( as provided on your android).
  2. Enable unknown sources.

Settings > security/applications > enable unknown sources.

2: Download the freeflix apk from any website.

Steps to Download the Apk are:

  • Search for Freeflix TV APK on google, visit any reliable website and then download it from there.

3: Install the Freeflix TV APK.

Head on to the download folder and click on the downloaded file of this apk.

How to Download FreeFlix APP on Android TV?

It’s easy; just do what I’m mentioning below:

  1. Enable unknown sources by heading to the settings of your android TV.
  2. Transfer the Freeflix TV APK to the USB drive.
  3. Now Connect it to your TV.
  4. Hunt for the Freeflix TV APK on your TV storage.
  5. Once you find it, click on it and let it get installed.

How to Download Freeflix TV Apk on Firestick?

Just follow the guide to download this amazing apk on firestick:

  1. Go on to settings and then select my fire TV.
  2. Hit the “developer option”.
  3. Now click on “app from unknown sources”.
  4. Hit on “turn on”.
  5. Now, search for the Showbox apk by returning to the Firestick Home Screen.
  6. Click on “download”.
  7. After the apk downloads successfully, tap on “open” and then tap on “allow”.
  8. Select “ok”.

That’s it.

App NameFreeflix TV APP
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
RequirementsVaries with device
Update10 Jan 2023


The Freeflix TV APK is a fantastic option when it comes to watching movies and shows. It has the user interface Netflix does. The downloading process and use of this website are also simple. So you can download and use it without any worries.


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