Catmouse APK Latest Version Download For Android 2023

Catmouse APK Latest Version Download For Android 2023

Nowadays, we all are stressed, and entertainment is helping us to cope with that. In that case, Catmouse APK is here to help you out. It is one of the best platforms available to you. It provides you with various movies, series, shows, etc., which can be a great time pass for you. It has a wide list of genres that you can choose to watch from.

The latest version of the apk is v2.8, and its size is 9.9MB. It is compatible with 4.4 and up versions of android.

Features of the Catmouse APK 

Wondering why you should Download the Catmouse APK instead of other platforms? If so, then have a look at its features, and you will get your answer –

  • Variety of content

A lot of movies are published daily, and people are just crazy over-watching newly released ones. The apk provides all those movies, so you don’t have to visit different websites to watch them.

With this, it also consists of older movies. Not only movies, but you can also enjoy several other stuff like TV shows, web series and a lot more.

It has thousands of content that you would love to watch.

  • Download

Not every website gives you the option of Downloading content. It is not always possible to stream the content because many people don’t have access to an internet connection 24*7. That’s why the Download option is given on the apk. With this, you don’t even need to follow any extra steps for Downloading because it’s super easy.

Just some steps, and the content will be on your device. But, the Downloading process may take time (depending on the internet speed of your device).

  • Free

If you are a fan of movies or series, you might have heard about the OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, etc., which charge a considerable amount to let you access the content. But, if you Download this apk, you can get all that entertainment stuff for free.

  • Without ads

You won’t face any ads while watching the content. But in case you face, you can try using ad blockers and then enjoy the content.

  • Customize

You have the opportunity to customize the whole content of the platform. You can change the quality of the video and can also do some other things.

Quality is something that is never associated with free things. But this isn’t a reality in all cases because Catmouse APK is providing all the content in HD quality for free. Isn’t it amazing that you can watch your favourite in amazing quality?

  • In-build video player

The apk has an in-build video player, and that’s why you don’t need to Download any video players. The in-built one allows you to watch the video in almost all formats.

  • Decent interface

The apk offers a great interface where users don’t face any issues in exploring it. They can easily use it even without a guide because everything is mentioned clearly.

The appearance of the platform is also great.

  • No registration

The registration process sucks when it doesn’t go smoothly. But the good news is that you don’t need to waste your time registering on the platform. You can use it without registration.

  • Negligible technical issues

It is claimed that you won’t need to face any technical glitches while using the platform. Often people face issues like the video has stopped out of nowhere, audio issues, etc. But on this apk, you won’t find such problems.

  • Secure

The apk is totally safe to have on your device. It doesn’t require any essential data like bank account details, card details, or any other ID information.

If you Download it, it will only access the storage portion of the device. And all these things indicate that the developer has no bad aim.

  • Multi-device

Not everyone owns the same device; some have android, and others have apple. There are also some people who have windows. So considering all people in mind, the developers have developed the apk in such a way that it can be used on all devices.

Downloading Process

The Downloading process isn’t as easy as it seems, but it isn’t difficult either. Why? Because you won’t find it on the google play store or app store.

How to Download the cathouse apk on android?

Here’s what you need to do-

Unknown sources

Check over if you have activated the unknown sources feature on your device or not. If not, turn it on

  • Turn to settings > and then to security/applications.
  • Lastly, activate the unknown sources of your android.

Download the cathouse apk.

  • Move to any search engine and type “cathouse apk” or “cathouse apk Download” to explore.
  • Get it from whichever reliable website you wish.


  • Turn to the files application > Download folder > find the apk version of CatMouse > flick it for installation.

That’s it.

How to Download CatHouse apk on PC?

Android emulator software.

Having android emulator software is essential when it comes to Downloading any apk on your PC. So Download it first (if you don’t have it).

Now, Download the Catmouse APK.

  • Go to google and hunt for “CatHouse apk.”
  • Download it from any trustworthy website.

Drag the Downloaded Catmouse APK into the emulator software. It will begin installing, so hold up till the installation completes.

How to Download the Catmouse APK on iOS?

Here’s your guide for iOS:

Activate special app access feature

Finding the steps to enable it? Here are the steps you need to follow –

  • Turn to the settings > hunt for the special app access, and then turn it on.

Download the Catmouse APK.

  • Move to whichever browser you use and then search for “Catmouse APK” or “Catmouse APK Download.”
  • Download it from any website you want but make sure it’s trustworthy.

Now, install the Catmouse APK.


Catmouse APK is a great application that offers too much to its users. It’s so easy to use and Download that you won’t face any issues even if you are new to it. You can even Download shows, movies, etc. From here. So if you are looking for something free where you can watch a variety of content, I think you should go for the Catmouse APK.



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