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How to Get a Trident in Minecraft?

Process To Get a Trident in Minecraft

Trident is the hardest and the most powerful weapon in Minecraft games. It is the most underused weapon in the game of Minecraft. Still, you do not know about this weapon, then; you are missing out on something important. Follow our content to know more about the use of trident in Minecraft. 

Know more about the Minecraft Game 

Minecraft is a popular game on the computer or PC. The Minecraft players make different types of self-destruct blocks by using different 3D dimensional square items. The two basic modes in the game are survival and creative mode. 

Players have to look for their food and life in survival mode while playing the game. Zoombies and creepers are the risky ones in the Minecraft game. We have the creative adaption available where the players get the food supplies, and they do not eat it. 

You have to break the wide scopes of the square blocks while playing the game. Things become convenient for you in the show for showing your inventiveness. Many excellent weapons are available in the game that you can show while fighting from the opponents. 

These types of weapons include trident enchantments or enchantment tables. You have the trident enchantment available to propel your enemies, including summoning lighting and fire mobs. 

It allows you to obtain the supercharged stuff that includes zombies, skeletons, and creeper skulls. On the other hand, you cannot find any weapon in the Minecraft game, similar to the Trident abilities. Therefore, you should know using the trident. You can enjoy playing the game in the best way. 

Follow the complete information guide to get Trident in the Minecraft game.

The misconception associated with getting the Trident in the Minecraft game is that you obtain it only by killing the zombies. Any critical damage made to the zombies will help you to get the Trident for you. The second misconception on getting the trident in the Minecraft game is we have to dispel the drowned zombies to obtain the trident weapon.

On the other hand, the reality is that those spawns holding the trident can drop it when you kill them and drown them while playing the Minecraft game. You don’t focus on killing the zombies and obtaining the tridents from them. It is the misconception that they have the trident with them. 

Only 6.25% of the zombies contain tridents with them in the spawns. It is in the Minecraft game of the Java Edition. Therefore, you can look for the tridents in the bedrock edition. The chances to get the trident are higher, which around 15% is. 

The trident drop rate is 8.5% that means that the chances of getting the trident dropped after killing the zombie is 0.0005%. In the same case, you look for the trident dropped in the Java edition then, the probability of getting it is around 0.0009%. It becomes hard to get the trident dropped from the zombie spawns. You can try it while playing the game.

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