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How to Make Potions in Minecraft?

Players have to know the brewing basics when they are playing the Minecraft game. At that time, they are required to cook some of the portions. You can continue with this article, which will help you know more about how to make potions in Minecraft. The end game scenario of Minecraft mostly depends on the players as to how they do the brew and use the potions.

Both the player and the enemy need to two these two things while playing the Minecraft game. The player requires using the primary ingredient for brewing purposes. It can happen by using the secondary modifier for brewing purposes. You can adapt and use the secondary modifier for this purpose.

List of things that we require for the brewing purpose

  • Brewing Stand 
  • Cauldron 
  • Blaze Powder 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Glass Bottle 

Procedure for preparing the Minecraft brewing stand 

  1. Take 1 to 3 bottles and then fill them with water and use a cauldron. You can use a cauldron while filling water in these bottles. 
  2. Place these bottles filled with water in the lower three portions. 
  3. Put the base ingredient in the upper slot of the bottles. 
  4. You can use the blaze powder for brewing purposes. 
  5. Repeat these steps until to get the correct position for brewing purposes. 

How to prepare the potions in Minecraft?

You will add all these first ingredients to the brewing stand for preparing the potions. There is a requirement to have the base ingredient, which determines the potion type. Firstly, check all the base ingredients that will create in all the potions. 

Ingredients in the Potion Types 

  • Nether Wart – Awkward
  • Glowstone – Thick
  • Gunpowder – Splash Water Bottle
  • Fermented Spider Eye – Potion of Weakness
  • Dragon’s Breath – Lingering Water Bottle
  • Redstone Dust – Mundane

Secondary Ingredients’ that will become the potions part 

The secondary ingredients will become part of the primary ingredients at the time of preparing potions. They will try to influence the potion that has been created using the components. 

Ingredients that will create an effect 

  • Ghast Tear – Regeneration
  • Turtle Shell – Water breathing
  • Phantom Membranes – Slow falling
  • Fermented Spider Eye – Poison
  • Pufferfish – Water breathing
  • Magma Cream – Fire Resistance
  • Golden Carrot – Night Vision
  • Blaze Power – Strength
  • Sugar – Swiftness
  • Rabbit’s Foot – Swiftness
  • Glistering Melon – Healing

Essential ingredients include in the potion

Some of the essential ingredients will mention curing poison, blindness, nausea, and weakness. 

Elements to cure the issues

  • Calcium: Blindness 
  • Silver: Poison 
  • Cobalt: Weakness
  • Bismuth: Nausea

Minecraft’s best brewing potions 

You can check some of the best brewing potions which you can prepare using Minecraft.

  • Potion for the healing purpose: You can prepare the healing potion with the Nether Wart and Glistering Melon combination.  
  • Make strength use the potion: You can use the combination of Nether Wart and Blaze Powder.
  • Potion for the Swiftness Purpose: You want to prepare the swiftness potion and then add Nether Wart and Sugar to it. Moreover, take all the ingredients to prepare the swiftness potion.  

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